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If you have experience,accelerate your license. We provide a range of service for adapting people with experience to a qualification that is relevant in today's force.

Training facilities and institiutes are encouraged by the Australian Government to recognise experienced and skilled workers who can add to the work force. At Get Me Qualified we continue to expand our network and partnership with various organisations, to make sure that you are always in safe hands!

Our Process


We discuss your goals and professional direction and help choose the most suitable qualification that matches your experience and skills.


Gather evidence such as: current CV, relevant reference letters, work examples, any relevant media such as photos and videos, certificates and transcripts.

Skill Check

As soon as we fully assess your profile our team will get in touch with you to discuss potential opportunities in line with your competency.

Get Qualified

In line with all rules and regualtions, you will be natinoaly recognised and compliant.